lets talk Turkey

It seams like just the other day it was the fourth of July . Now we have thanksgiving upon us. That means there will be friends and family gatherings. The house  will have to be cleaned up and a few ordure,s put together. With one of the the most importance dinners we will prepare for our families ,we want to get it right the first time .The Big Easy

So lets talk Turkey . There are a number of brand name birds available ( Norbest , FosterFarms, Butterball,and Honeysuckle ) just to name a few and store brands as well. Most all turkeys are grade A. What sets them apart is whether  they are pumped with butter or a water enhanced solution or an oil based butter. Only a few Manufacture use real butter.

Then we have to decide on the quality of the bird being raised. The biggest portion will be manufactured raised ( massed produced ). There is what is called a Free-Range, meaning it has a open cage to come and go as it wants to. This allows the bird to get a little exercise and look for bugs to eat.   A natural bird is one that has never been shot with hormones or antibiotics. And then there is the Organic one ( same as natural ) plus has never eaten anything that was sprayed with pesticides. The final decision is fresh versus frozen. I have cooked both and in my opinion a frozen bird is just as good as a fresh one. Although if using a frozen bird allow three to four days to thaw in fridge.

A hen is 16 # or less and a tom is 16# or more. If you get up into the 25-30# range bird it may be a little tougher meat. Serving suggests size is a pound and a half per person. Keep in mind there is a lot of bone carcass on a Turkey.

Amazon has then from 114.00 dollars.  Get yours today Here



Hope to see you in the back yard,

PS: I put together a video you can watch Here






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    • admin
    • April 23, 2014

    Hi Tim,
    Try a Pork but roast or Prime Rib would turn out delicious

    • Tim
    • April 22, 2014

    What can I cook in this if not wanting a bird?

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