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  1. Rolland’s homemade Dal-licious BBQ sauce has been crafted to perfection. He can not make it fast enough for family and friends! One taste of it and you will never want to buy BBQ sauce from the store again! He is always willing to take time and answer any questions. The only question he won’t answer is what goes into his Dal-licious sauce. So if you want to try for yourself what all the fuss is about contact him through his website!

  2. Thanks Matthew, for your kind words.We here at Backyardsmokedmeats pride our-self on making wholesome and what we like to call Dal-Licious smoked meats. Let us know if there is something we can help you make in your Backyard

    Hope to see you in the backyard

  3. I recently tried Rolland’s homemade DallLicious BBQ sauce and the only thing it was missing was a straw! Seriously, it is simply amazing! He also makes awesome homemade Jerky, salami, summer sausage, smoked salmon, pepperoni, ribs, and chicken. Whenever I smell his smoker going I make sure I stop by and pick up a sample. He gives amazing advice for my own BBQ adventures and is highly knowledgable with his meats.

  4. I received some of Roland Dall’s Tender and full of a smoky flavor Jerky and pepperonis. They were mouth-watering delicious in every bite. I was hooked after the first bite. The full flavor popped in my mouth making me want more. Never have I tasted something so entrancingly delicious! I want more. Cant find these anywhere around here. One of a kind flavor!

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