Fire up the grill



Summer time BBQ. Now that Memorial day is here it time to fire up the grill.

And what is better than smoked Pork Butt cooked on a Weber charcoal grill.

Fire up the grill
Smoked pork butt



As a child I remember the start of summer was around Memorial day. Packing up the camping gear into the car and heading out to the great outdoors for some  family fun times. And Of course there was the smell of charcoal briquets  always floating around in the air.



Today lets relieve  some of those memories about cooking outdoors. Lets walk through the process of cooking a  3# Pork Butt on a Weber grill or it can be done in a rock fire pit.



First mound up the charcoal like you are building  a pyramid on one side of the grill.

Fire up the grill
smoked pork butt

Torch that thing on fire and let it burn till most all the briquets are white. This will  take about 45 minutes. Spread the coals evenly over half the grill, leaving half the grill empty. This is where we will be setting the pork butt. ( For added Smoke flavor wrap up some moist  apple wood chips in foil and place on the heat) One of my favorite things to do!



As with all meat it should be left out until it reaches room temperature. This process allows the muscle to relax , and it will be more tender. Now your grill should be around 250 degrees.  Place the pork butt on the no heat side of your grill  to start the slow mouth watering , just can’t wait till its  done to eat dinner.


If you like to use a rub that is fine, but Let the meat cook for one hour before adding any sauce. This will help it from burning the outside of the meat. After about an hour and a half you can flip the roast and cook the other side for  an additional hour and a half. There are new recent  temperatures for cooking pork, now the FDA says you can cook pork like Beef. So cook till internal temp  reaches 145 degrees and let stand for 10 minutes.


Happy camping and

Hope to see you in the Backyard.




for more helpful hints visit  themeatsmoker


PS: Helpful hint #2 – Whenever cooking meat you should only flip the meat once as you don’t want to confuse the juices



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  1. Thank you for your input Katie. I will definitely look into it. Thanks again. Hope to see you in the backyard

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