How do you like your Steak


You’re craving a nice juicy steak,so you head out to your favorite steakhouse.The one that cooks it to your specifications(medium well)


Matt your waiter returns to the table with a sizzling Rib Eye steak just the way you ordered it



Your mouth starts watering for that first bite.Its tender and juicy with lots of flavor.So now your thinking WOW this is so freaking good.How do they always have such good steak.Is it the way they prepare it, the quality or the beef.Lets dive in and take a look.


The quality is in the grading of the beef. There is Prime,Choice,Select and No-roll. The grading is in the fat pockets called marbling.Up scaled restaurants  use prime to choice. Most retail stores carry select.No-roll is mostly  used for ground Beef.

now open up that grill and get a cooking

Hope to see you in the backyard


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