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How to smoke without a smoker

IMG_1305Want to learn to smoke without a smoker

I have been a meat cutter for over 30 years.I have smoked everything from hot dogs to knockwurst and hams to bacon, and wild game sausage like summer and salami. I have ran a small back yard smoker to a Koch  KLE 50 four stage  stainless steel  smoke house at a processing plant.

lets get started on a remarkable smoked dinner at home in your own backyard today.

What you will need: two aluminum pans, some wood ships, a gas grill and some baby back ribs your favorite dry rub and some BBQ sauce . Keep it simple your first time around to get it perfected , then you can mix it up a bit.

Just go to your local grocery store and pick up some small aluminum pans like a small meatloaf pan. Soak some apple wood chips for 30 minutes . While your wood chips are soaking take out the pork ribs ( Back ribs are my favorite) if you can try to pull the membrane skin off the bone side , let them set out on the counter and get room temperature. This will relax the muscle.  Season with  your favorite dry rub . I use Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple. Anything sweet works great on pork.

Put soaked chips on far side of burner under grate and a small pan of water on other side of grill under the grate.Start  middle burners  of gas grill till inside temp reaches 350 degrees .

Now grill is prepped and ready, place ribs bone side down over the water pan this will help  keep the ribs from drying out. Turn flame down so inside grill is about 275 degrees.

The wood chips should start to be smoldering by now and creating a smoky filled lid. Turn burner down over the chips so they don,t  catch on fire.

Let ribs slow cook for about one hour checking every 15 to 20 minuets. If cooking to fast move ribs away from heat . Let ribs cook half way through before  turning . Flipping the meat more than once will only confuse the juice.

Keep the heat low and the smoke smoldering . After about two hours of smoking you can add the BBQ sauce flip and add more sauce.

cook till internal temperature reaches 168 degrees. pull off the grill and let set for five minutes serve and enjoy

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    • Tim
    • April 22, 2014

    Let’s start bbq and smoke bro

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