Turkey noodle soup

Sasquatch style
Sasquatch style




Well now that Thanksgiving is over and all of our bellies are full. What are you to do with the leftovers. A great way to make that bird stretch out for another delicious meal it to make a Turkey noodle soup.

OK so you have the carcass and a few parts left. Let’s get down to cooking up some hearty soup.

Prep time one hour
Cook time one hour

What you will need:                                              Here is a free guide to smoking_meat_and_poultry

Four medium size carrots
One large onion
Four large potatoes
Two peppers ( different colors )
Half cup of wild rice
Two stalks of celery
One TBS Thyme
One TBS rosemary
One TBS sage
One TBS Kosher salt
Four bay leaves
Half TBS coarse black pepper
Quarter cup liquid smoke
One bag of Reames frozen noodles

In large pot boil carcass and other parts for forty five minutes
set aside and cool, after cooling pull meat from bone.
While the carcass is on the stove, chop your veggies.
Bring meat and chopped veggies and rice back to boiling point, add seasoning boil for thirty minutes
With a brisk boil add Reames noodles boil additional fifteen minutes

Let set and cool for twenty minutes and serve

And here is a tip from Anna’s kitchen / If you have any left over homemade gravy add that to it 🙂

Hope to see you in the backyard


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